Please find herewith the speech written in honour of Spurs visit to RSC Anderlecht (UEFA CUP TIGH of december 6th 2007. 1-1). The speech might have been used by Anderlecht Chairman, Roger Vanden Stock. 

"Mr CHAIRMANMEMBERS OF THE BOARDLADIES and GENTLEMAN, It is a great honour for Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht and all our supporters to welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Brussels.Welcome.In name of the board of directors and all the members of the club, I hope that you are enjoying your stay in our fine city.Tottenham Hotspur is the most continental club in England.Loyal followers of the “PASSING GAME”, attacking football based on skill and talent. A game that we like to describe here as “Champagne Football”. No wonder that Spurs was the first English club to win a European Trophy when you defeated Atletico Madrid (5-1) in the 1963 Cup Winner’s Cup Final.No wonder that Spurs employed the first foreigner (Max Seeburg 1907) in the English football league. A sign of a permanent desire to improve the game. No surprise that charismatic and talented professionals like Danny Blanchflower, Ray Clemence, Glenn Hoddle, world champions, Martin Peters, Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa all played for Tottenham. Not to forget Paul Gascoigne and today’s BBC Star, Gary Lineker who played in the famous white and navy blue kit.Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht is in some ways very similar to Tottenham Hotspur:Tottenham and Anderlecht are both proud to represent their countries’ capital.We are both, season after season, ambitious Our house style and football soul are nearly identical: We try to play fast and skilled attacking football.We both won the first European Club title for our countries and we are considered as true football institutions in England, Belgium and Europe.(As a reminder: we have beaten your city rivals of West Ham United in 1976)And we are both experiencing some “challenges” this season. Therefore, the UEFA Cup is an essential target for both clubs We played an unforgettable final in 1984 against each other that we lost on penalties after thrilling home and away games. RSCA Club icon, Arnor Gudjonson missed a penalty that night and we intend to set the record straight tonight.Anyway, I would like to conclude this speech with the wise words of Spurs Legend, Bill Nicholson: “It’s no use just winning, we’ve got to win well” Thank you very much for your attention and good luck."

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